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Giuliana Hazelwood (aka Sweet G) is a yoga teacher, writer, and happiness ambassador living in New York City, the concrete jungle where dreams are made. She’s a tomboy, a rule-breaker, and extreme goofball. Her heroes include Beyoncé, Elena Brower, and Audrey Hepburn. 

Lovely Healthy is her brainchild, designed to make it easy for people to get down(dog) with their bad selves. Translation? Truly embracing, loving, caring for, expressing, and exposing ourselves. It means removing fear and choosing love. It means doing the thing we are afraid to do. It means achieving greatness. But most of all, it means treating others with utmost kindness, reverence, gratitude, and love. It means treating people like they are truly AWESOME. (Spoiler alert: they are).

To practice yoga with Giuliana, please visit VIRAYOGA in NYC.


Life Dream: To be a world-renowned Yoga Mama: a teacher, healer, writer, and inspire-er to millions.

What Makes Me Awesome: I am the self-appointed distributor of good vibes and high fives for the Universe.

Spirit Animal: Hummingbirds. Or Jessica.

Theme Song of My Life: Empire State of Mind. Or Beyoncé.

Signature Dance Move: All my best moves come from Beyoncé.

Fave Inspirational/Animal/Baby/All of the Above Video on YouTube: Can’t pick one. So here’s two. Everything you need to know about me in two YouTube videos featuring children under the age of 10.

Juice or Smoothie? Smoothies! FTW!

High five, low five, or too slow? Good vibes and high fives all around. Always.

What Would I Tell My 18-Year-Old Self? You’re gonna be great.




Ariel Rosen is a recent graduate of Emerson College and an aspiring writer. She took a yoga class with her mother when she was eleven but unfortunately let her practice languish until an undergraduate hip hop yoga class brought her back to the beat. She’s been stretch dancing to her own drum ever since and is overjoyed to contribute to Lovely Healthy as best she can.


Life Dream: To experience as much in life as possible and take advantage of every waking moment! Also to write a bestselling, but very classy, romance novel.

What Makes Me Awesome: Not to toot my own horn, but I can crochet some awesome hats. Plus I’m a great listener.
Spirit Animal: Lion. Or Phoenix? Or owl. It depends on the day and mood I’m in. Mostly lion.
Theme Song of My Life: Here Comes Your Man by Hall and Oates.
Signature Dance Move: The two-second fake tap dance. Also known as the slightly awkward shuffle.
Fave Inspirational/Animal/Baby/All of the Above Video on YouTube:

Juice or Smoothie? SMOOTHIES. I cannot get enough of them. Even when it’s cold out. Brain freezes are damned.

High five, low five, or too slow? All three? I would try all three.
{ sat nam + namaste }
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