There’s a fundamental of yogic philosophy that has struck a chord with me in the last two weeks of my teacher training: Recognize that the other person is you.

It’s a powerful idea in its own right to keep in your heart, but the word recognize is pretty key here, too. It’s a mandate—a ‘call to arms of the soul’ variety. Put in the work to actively recognize that every other single human being on this Earth is the same as you are.

We are made of the same stuff of the Universe.

We struggle the same.

We love the same.

We fear the same.

We start the same.

We end the same.

We are the same.

Take a person that has been rubbing you the wrong way, or perhaps getting in your way somehow. Confront that feeling, ask yourself the necessary questions: What is it about this person that makes me feel x,y,z? Do the work. It’s scary and uncomfortable, but your growth and healing depend on it.

I can guarantee with as much certainty as my own limited life experience has confirmed, that whatever it is that person that makes you feel less than great is 100% more to do with you than them. Because you’re seeing a part of yourself that you’re not thrilled with. And that’s okay. This is how we learn. And then heal. And then love. Because we’re the same as the people who irk and hurt us. Bless and thank these people for being our teachers, for reminding us of our humanity instead of getting pissed and holding on to grudges or feelings of fear and guilt.

Now take a person you love, or someone you admire and respect very much. The converse applies. If you see nothing but sunshine and roses when thinking of someone, you’re looking at qualities you also embody. You’re looking at greatness expressed by someone who has the exact amount of potential that you do…they’ve just made it physical.

When you love someone, you’re looking at a reflection of the love you hold in your own heart. Bless and thank these people for being our teachers, for showing us our capacity to love, to behave with the highest integrity to what we stand for, to live up to our potential, and to dream without fear, restraint, or any hint of backing down.

When you take the step to recognize this key truth, that every person on the planet is a reflection of you, you are taking a huge step on behalf of humanity. You’re taking a stand for your families, your loved ones, your brothers and sisters everywhere. You’re moving from a place of reaction, comparison, and squandering to a place of healing, growth, and honest-to-goodness transcendence. On the real.

Love is reflected in Love, Light in Light, Forgiveness in Forgiveness, Greatness in Greatness.

Awesome in Awesome.

You in the other person.

And you are all beautiful creatures, each and everyone. Let each other know.


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