My dear friends JP Bouvet and Ethan Schiff inspired this post today, as weve been talking recently about fear and its place in our lives.

You hear it all the time, starting when were little kids. Dont be scared. Whether its monsters under the bed, the dark, or thunderstorms. Weve been conditioned to believe that our fears can be abolished.

I believe that abolishing fear is a waste of  your time.

Being scared and doing it anyway is the first and fastest way to truly overcoming fear. Not waiting for them to go away. Not ignoring them. But doing the thing you must do regardless. Because you have to. Because you can.

Because heres the thing. Fear is not such a bad thing. In fact, its really rather useful. Because its telling us what needs to be done. What really matters. Fear, as Pema Chodron tells us, is a sign of moving closer to the truth. Fear is a signal to us that what we are doing is riskyand therefore meaningful. That our work matters.

Of course you are scared. This is your LIFE. These are your DREAMS. This is the shit that makes you MATTER in the world. Its a HUGE thing! If your dreams dont scare you, they arent big enough. Wouldnt be a better use of your time + energy to focus not on not being afraidbut on actually doing the thing?

Because heres the catch. Its really the fear of the unknown that kills us and makes us stall for time.  The fear of failure or of something not working out. Its the DREAM that EXCITES usthe fear of failing that frightens us.

The 100% only legit way to banish fear is to do the thing you are afraid to do.

When you accept your fear and acknowledge that it is telling you what you need to doyou skip over the step of trying to get rid of the fear of failing and you go straight to the part where youre just doing the damn thing.

Waiting for your fear to go away is letting it win. Waiting for your fear to go away is procrastinating on achieving your dreams. Waiting for your fear to go away is believing that you are not capable of being your highest self and doing the work you were set on this Earth to do.

Waiting for your fear to go away will keep you waiting for a very long time.

Because the fear is there for a reason.

To tell you what to do.