Weekend Wellness Roundup

This weekend is a marvelous weekend isn’t it? November is full of crisp, chilly, not-quite-winter days, holidays are neigh, and Anna Kareninais finally in theaters. Here are some links to enjoy this fine weekend:

  • My jam for the weekend.
  • Beautiful, Seane Corne. Yoga as a form of prayer.
  • The Heart Grows Smarter, a fantastic read from NYTimes.
  • In honor of National Vegan Month, some gift ideas for vegans.
  • Yet another example of why moderation is always better than extremes. No pun intended. (The answer is, it’s easier to lose extra pounds).
  • Tiny Food Party?!  Someone read my mind and then made a cookbook.
  • Amazing egg-free, dairy-free, entirely bean-filled recipe from Lexie’s Kitchen.
  • Hmmm…..omega 3 supplements simply no comparison to the real thing?
  • Well + Good feat. Derek Beres give some lovely advice for a broken heart.
  • Does mindfulness stress you out?
  • The latest precious video of Jimmy Kimmel, getting in the way of kid’s candy.
  • Yikes, Nike’s new yoga “shoes.”
  • Get these clean eating Apps to clean up your plate.
  • Speaking of apps…in case you missed it, I wrote an article for Greatist sharing our top 12 yoga apps. Check it!

Meanwhile, I’ll be  watching this movie and drooling over myself. xo Sweet G

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