Weekend Wellness Roundup

Happy Weekend!  More importantly, it is my sister’s birthday.  And therefore one of the most important days of the year.

  • Tips to beat the winter blues.  Get started early BEFORE you turn into grumpasaurus rex.
  • Greatest baby of all time.
  • And what to do when you get a cold.
  • Amazing sequence to release sadness from Elena Brower.
  • I’d rather be allergic to milk that drink this whey-free kind.
  • Interesting book to add to the to-read list.  I hope my stuff says about me that I don’t have much stuff, don’t need much stuff, and don’t want much stuff.  Period.
  • Tips for staying present and taming the wandering mind. “You are not your mind” is a personal fave.  So is “What are you thinking when you’re in conversation?
  • Everything you needed to know about calories.
  • Never waste a good trigger.  Thanks Ana Forrest.
  • Vanity sizing and further proof that your beauty has far more to do with your heart than your jeans.
  • October Superfoods.
  • Vegan Pumpkin Pie Reeces and a Cuisinart giveaway from Chocolate Covered Katie.
  • And last but not lease!  Our very own Liz Lovely Photo Contest & Giveaway!  Contest closes on Monday!

And music, for you, because I had the distinct pleasure of seeing them in Williamsburg last weekend:

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