Product Review: New Healthy (But Really Doe) Ice Cream from Enlightened Ice Cream

It’s rare that I post any dairy products here on Lovely Healthy, but I couldn’t keep this one to myself.

In a world of fake good-for-you things, ENLIGHTENED stands for the truth, for ice cream, and good vibes all around.

Here are the nutritional deets:

  • low in fat, sugar & calories ( 70cals per bar; 3g-ish of sugar; 2g-ish of fat)
  • no artificial sweeteners (that deserves one hell of a hallelujah)
  • high in fiber (from natural things and not gross fake things)
  • high in protein (8g!!!!!)

They are super transparent about their wholesome ingredients, and from what my taste-testers tell me, they are pretty damn delicious.

It’s really that simple, dear readers. Β Good-for-you ice cream that tastes good too.

Check to see where you can buy them and get thee some ice cream!



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