No Fussing Or Fighting: The Universe Is On Your Side

Blame the super moon.  Or the weather.  Or graduations and finals and proms, or whatever.   Life is crazy sometimes.  All the time.  So….what do we do when things get overwhelming?  How bout this:

During trying times, I like to take a page from John Lennon’s book (because when is John Lennon ever not completely right about anything) and remind myself:

No need to fuss or fight.  Take a deep breath.  The universe is on your side.

No matter how stressful your circumstances may be, whether it be an event, an illness, or just a whole lot of little things piling up to get the best of you, take a moment to stop and breathe.  Remember that you possess the same capacity to be happy and choose positivity as you do to react with stress, anxiety, worry, or fear.  Give yourself a second to breathe and buy some time to stop fussing and fighting the Universe and choose happy.

Chances are that simply bringing awareness to your tendencies when you slip into patterns of resistance and stress, you will help yourself get on your way to stopping the negative feelings….just by getting out of your own way.

Because guess what my friends, there’s no way that whatever is getting to you isn’t going to resolve itself somehow.  It’s just not how the Universe works.  We get challenged so that we may learn.  The things we freak out about are the things we learn most from and the more you fuss and fight the lesson you are being given, the more unresolved tension you carry in your mind, body, and spirit.  And the more stuck you get yourself.

The more we over-think and resist our challenges, try to reason with them and question the Universe, the harder it is to let go of feelings that make us feel shitty.  It’s so weird how we get ourselves in these situations.  Why not make it easier for ourselves and trust the process of learning, to choose positivity and peace within your heart as you rise to the occasion to which you are being called to.  Moral of the story: don’t think too much.  The universe is on your side.

The minute you start fussing, fighting, and resisting, you are putting yourself in a state of DESPERATION.  And that, my friend, is a very dangerous place to put yourself in.  As an exceedingly wise man so brilliantly put it, depseration breeds.  If desperation is the signal you are sending out, what do you think you’re going to get back?  Law of attraction, baby.  Everything you want also wants you.

It may not look the way you expect it to, but the Universe is giving you what you want, in the way in which you need it.  Why?  Because the Universe is on your side, that’s why.  It gives us what we can handle.  Not what is easy, but what we can handle.

We were meant to learn these lessons.  If we weren’t and everything were easy, we wouldn’t be experiencing these growing pains.  You wouldn’t be learning anything and life would be very underwhelming and you would be an exceedingly boring person.

These are growing pains and growing takes time.  And life is very short.  No time for fussing and fighting my friends.  No need for fussing and fighting, either.

The Universe is on your side.

You are all beautiful creatures, each and every one.



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