Weekend Wellness Roundup

Meeps, weekend!  Many of you might be in the throes of finals, and to you all, I say:

Good luck.  Much love.  F the man.

  • Meditation and running.  Pitter patter goes my heart.
  • Thank you, Ballerinas, for being honest.
  • One-Minute Flax Muffin.  Must try.  Will report back from the field.
  • New fave blog.  Take me to India and feed me, please.
  • Remembering people’s names.
  • Homemade Raspberry Rice Krispies?  Hell yes.
  • Attract Goodness.  Love life and it loves you back.
And beats for le weekend.
You are all beautiful creatures, each and every one.
Keep Shining.

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