Frown Upside Down (Or, How To Reset Your Bad Mood Into A Good One. BAM).

It’s been rather gloomy here in Boston the last couple days, and the cold, the finals, and the springtime blues have gotten the better of a lot of us.  If you catch yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or slipping into negative thought patterns try this little visualization and mindfulness technique:

  • Awareness:  Maybe you catch your shoulders hunched all the way up by your ears.  Or maybe you catchy your perma-scowl on your face.  Or maybe you notice the same moan every time your alarm goes off and it’s time to get up.  Simply getting in the habit of being aware of what you’re feeling is truly the first step to getting your happy on.
  • Breathe: The best way to reset is to start with the breath.  Inhale to each part of your body; from the tips of your toes, to the tips of your fingers, to the very top of your head and all the way back down.  Expand your whole body with breath and visualize what’s going on in your body at a cellular level: your blood is getting filled with fresh, clean oxygen to pump throughout your entire body.  That’s pretty rad in and of itself, no?
  • Change Your Mind: Though you might have prevailing negative thoughts within you, know that you possess the same capacity to think positively.  So gather your awareness, gather your breath, and use that space within you to cultivate the positive thinking within you and bring it to the surface.  Imagine your good mood spreading throughout your body and radiating from you into the space around you.  Let the corners of your mouth turn up into a smile.  Choose happy.

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