Fortune Favors the Brave


I have been feeling very very very VERY fortunate and blessed with new opportunities and lovely people and projects and all kinds of things lately.   And I’m getting one of those reminders that luck, as we come to define it, has very little to do with overall happiness.  In fact, I think we have a lot more to do with our own luck than most people realize.  I recently came across this article on MBG recapping Dr. Richard Wiseman’s book
on this very subject.  In it he shares four qualities of lucky people:

1.  Lucky people are outgoing.  Seeking out the people and opportunities that bring you luck is 99% of the battle.  Open up, see what the world has to offer.

2.  Lucky people listen to their intuition.  You know in your heart of hearts and deep in your gut what is right and best for you.  As circumstances arrive and life changes, for the better or worse, trust your gut and navigate through everything that blocks you from the luck that awaits.

3.  Lucky people expect good fortune.  Everything you want also wants you.   Love life and it loves you back.  Good things are coming your way.  Just ask and keep your eyes and arms open.

4.  Lucky people are optimists. One reason you hear so much about the good fortune of lucky people is because they don’t waste time dwelling on bad things that have already happened.  Leave the bad luck behind and put your energy in manifesting good things your way.

And I’ll add my own two cents:

First cent, and one of my primo life mottos: Fortune favors the brave.  When opportunities come a-knocking, or needs a good chasing down, will you let yourself run away or grab that thing by the horns and enjoy your good fortune?

Second cent: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” -Samuel Goldwyn (via a dear friend and coworker of mine).  Simple.  Don’t leave your luck up to something else you can’t control.  Because you can control what you think and how you behave, and those have a whole hell of a lot to do with the fortune that becomes you.

So become lucky in order to BE lucky.

You are all beautiful creatures, each and every one.



4 thoughts on “Fortune Favors the Brave

  1. I love this! I used to be so shy but as soon as I started striking up conversations with other people, I got in on so many new things! Talking to strangers has gotten me jobs, future opportunities, and of course new friends. I can definitely relate to point number one!

    • So glad to hear this Emily! You never know what kind of amazing things will happen until you put yourself out there and tell the universe that you’re ready for whatever it has in store for you.

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