I was super happy and proud of my dear best friend/sister of my soul’s recent post about self-care. So I decided to share some of my own techniques.

The thing about vehement self-care is that you usually need more of it when you’re least willing to give it to yourself.  And by “you” I mean “I.”  Maybe you (the actual you) are a little different, but I bring this up to encourage you to think about how and when you’re most willing and unwilling to drop everything and just shower yourself with unyielding compassion.  I say, start now.  Here are some things I do for myself:

  • Get more sleep.  Force yourself into bed earlier.  Create the most elaborate of bedtime routines.  Get yourself prepped and ready for rest far before that point when you’re nearly passing out.
  • Move.  Obviously, I move because it is meditation, because it heals my body and my soul.  Do the activity that feels right for you at that moment, not just what you think you have to do.  (Meaning, if every Tuesday is your 8-mile-run day and you’re not feeling it…try going for a long walk instead).  Listen to your body and let it move and express itself the way it wants to.
  • And continuing on that theme: make my home practice feel like heaven on earth.  Lights off.  Candles on.  Music up.  Flow.
  • And continuing even more on that theme: Spontaneous dance parties.  Always.
  • 10pm walks with iPod in tow.  Perhaps unsafe.  Perhaps I don’t care.
  • In the words of my mentor Rebecca Pacheco, “Have dope friends.”  Very simple.
  • Do not feel obligated or guilty for temporarily ignoring people who drain you.  Even if they are your dope friends.
  • Henna.
  • Walking around the city listening to the Amélie soundtrack.  And consequently feeling like Amélie.
  • Read for fun, not for have to’s.
  • Surprise someone with a random act of kindness.
  • Watch travel shows.  Feed wanderlust.  Read National Geographic.  Marvel.
  • Time spent lost in bookstores and/or the natural world.
  • Sun. Vitamin D.
  • Write poetry in class instead of paying attention.  Sorry I’m not sorry.
  • Rearrange my room.
  • Escape to a new part of the city.
  • Put my phone/email/unnecessary electronics away for a bit.
  • Make happy lists.  Share them with people you love.

What do you to to care for yourself?



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