Weekend Wellness Roundup

Sorry for the less-than-consistent posting this week.  I’ve spent most of my week outside walking, yoga-ing, reading and soaking up the sun.  So actually I’m not sorry at all.  What are YOU doing reading this??  You should be outside too!!  When the sun goes down, maybe check out a few links.  I will take no offense if you don’t:

  • In which Louise Hay is my hero.
  • My other hero, Elena Brower.  This talk is absolutely essential to watch seriously.  SERIOUSLY.
  • AMAZING program about how habits are formed and broken.  Seriously. Listen.
  • Crab and avocado nachos?  I am also down.
  • Awesome tumblr about reactions to the super interesting art show at the MoMA.  Marina Abramović would totally make me cry.
  • Have your eggs gone off?  Here’s how to tell.
  • Good questions for meat eaters.  I would add: where is my meat coming from?  How was the animal killed?  What is the environmental impact of the meat I am eating?
  • And some lovely music to kick off le weekend:

    You are all beautiful creatures each and every one.




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