Weekend Wellness Roundup

WE HAVE POWER.  And by “we” I mean the Back Bay of Boston.  Hallelujah.  Here’s what I got for you; catch you on the flip. And by “flip” I mean Monday:

  • A nice mindful smack from Elena Brower.
  • Amazing creative recipes for substituting grains.  Jicama taco shells?  Cauliflower pizza crust?  HELL yes.
  • Thank you Zooey Deschanel, for being right.
  • Gluten free junk food.  Just say no.
  • Are we really getting ruder??  Say it ain’t so!
  • YES vitamin D. I’ll never stop preaching the gospel of this little wonder vitamin.
  • And I will never shut up about safety in cosmetics.
  • For all Pema fans….



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