Weekend Wellness Roundup

What a week, lovies!  I hope spring has sprung wherever you are and you get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Seriously, stop reading side this and go outside!  And when you’re back, here are some links:

  • Vegan Nacho Spinach Chips?  These could be a miracle.
  • Siblings are the best.  (Missing my bro).
  • Totally random and unrelated: famous authors and their hip hop equivalents.  Thank you Lord.
  • Your thoughts and your body.
  • Potato Pizzas.
  • What to do with leftover juice pulp?  Make something!
  • Coconut flour waffles.
  • Common sense!  Social justice! Thank you.
  • Lentils.  Soon.  I will make.
  • Re: Kony 2012.  Please don’t be blind about your support.
  • Le sigh.
  • Le brilliant.
  • Oh, and there’s this.  You’re welcome.

That’s all, loves.



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